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Victoria Rigby

actress and writer

Victoria is a British actress and writer.

After sell-out off-Broadway performances in 2018, her play GIRL FROM NOWHERE will appear at the iconic London venue The Bedford this autumn.

Her film VIRTUOSO is currently in pre-production.

As a singer, she trains with top vocal coach Mary Hammond.

She is also a classical pianist, and has a background in ballet.

Half-Scottish, she grew up in Lincolnshire.

She read English at Cambridge and now lives in London.

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girl from nowhere

Set in Texas in 1969, GIRL FROM NOWHERE is an electrifying rock-concert-confessional with Jeannie Hogan, a hell-raising rock singer defying the expectations of a young woman in conservative America.

After a sell-out off-Broadway debut in 2018, GIRL FROM NOWHERE returns to London for two special performances at the Bedford this autumn.

Directed by Whitney Mosery (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), with original music by Lauren Pritchard (Spring Awakening, Songbird), GIRL FROM NOWHERE is a five-star knockout performance, powered by an electrifing live band.


Wednesday 13th November 2019

Thursday 14th November 2019

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Victoria Rigby
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