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Victoria was a member of the 2013 Lyric Hammersmith Young Writers' Programme, led by Duncan Macmillan and with sessions taught by James Graham, Laura Wade, Anya Reiss, D C Moore and Simon Stephens. During the course, she produced two full-length plays: Variations on a Theme and Hoax.


Variations on a Theme

'You don’t want to read it, you want to make sure I write down your version of events.'

Samuel, a young novelist blinded in a fall from a window that nearly killed him, starts to write a book about the accident. Before it is finished, his long-absent friend Allen returns to prevent its publication, but the only copy of the manuscript is written in Braille.

Soon, what was always known as Samuel's tragic accident is being called anything from a push to a jump, and Samuel's fiancée Maria keeps hearing different stories from different people. *Variations on a Theme* is
a story of guilt, cheats, and Chinese whispers, set amidst a tiny community on the Sussex coast.


Audio clip from the workshop reading





Cast for workshop reading:

Samuel: Simon Haines
Allen: Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
Maria: Gwenni Hawkins





'There are people who will be out looking for us, who know our names, who have photos of us, who can track our computers, who can follow our movements. Once they’ve worked out it was us they can find us anywhere. Anywhere. You understand?'


Bell and Jim are on the run, making money where they can by posing as clairvoyants and communing with the dead for gullible rich people. But when they get mixed up in exorcisms, Bell's mistakes start to catch up with them and threaten to catch them out.


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